The Three Laws of Prosperity:
Be kind to everyone
Never speak ill of anyone
Never speak ill of yourself

Yogi Bhajan


When Jot Singh was nineteen years old and in college studying fine arts, he began to practice Kundalini yoga and meditation daily and started living a healthy, vegetarian lifestyle.

He met Yogi Bhajan who said he should use his artistic gifts to create things that uplift and inspire people. Jot followed this suggestion and since then has had great success with his work as a gold and silversmith producing amazing items like Kirpans and jewellery. Jot is a Sikh minister, a committed Yogi and he has just published an e-book about Sadhana.

We talked with Jot about what Sadhana brought to him in his life and Sadhana in connexion with success and prosperity.

You can find his book on the core teaching of Kundalini Yoga here: Apple iBook, Adobe pdf or the Kindle edition.

Immerse yourself/ask questions of a sage team at: MorningSadhana.org

Find more about the jewellery and artful objects he creates here:


The World’s Finest Kirpans
Watch the Artisan-made Kirpan video-click below!