“Because we don’t want to deal,
we don’t heal” – Pr. Surinder Singh

Professor Surinder Singh was born in 1969 in Kapurthala, Punjab, northern India.

From a very young age, he has been taught by eminent Masters who introduced him to the deeply spiritual and healing aspects of Indian music.

In 1994 in London, Surinder Singh founded the Raj Academy of Asian Music, which later became the non-profit organisation now known as Raj Academy Conservatoire. The Academy is an international institution and it quickly became one of the most eminent schools for the study and practice of classical Indian music and Gurmat Sangeet of the Sikh musical tradition.

He is also one of the few teachers to introduce Naad Yoga to the West so that all can now benefit from its profound healing properties.

In this episode, we will go in depth with him about healing through Naad Yoga, the Yoga of Sound.

You can find some more information about him and his work on the website of Raj Academy and on the website of Naad Yoga Council.




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