“The baby that is born is longing to belong” – Yogi Bhajan



In this Episode, we will talk with Guru Jagat Kaur from France and Charan Kamal, Ingrid Bal from Nederlands about the Postnatal Support Network and the amizing job they are doing for helping the parents and their child after birth.the-yogis-podcast-postnatal-support-network

Founder of the “Kundalini Yoga Doula School”, Gurujagat Kaur studied Kundalini yoga and KY maternity wisdom with Yogi Bhajan since 1975 in Amsterdam and the USA.

She is dedicated to supporting and serving women on the sacred path of becoming a mother. She teaches, prepares and accompanies mothers and couples on the path of mindful pregnancy, fostering empowered birth alongside calm postnatal time.

She trains Yoga-Doulas to offer non-medical support to mothers-to-be, through the practice of Yoga, applied Ayurveda & dynamic educational material.

Trained in NLP and systemic family therapy, GJK works as a counselor for individuals, couples and families.
Gurujagat Kaur is co-founder of the “Postnatal Support Network”, a UK registered Charity, created to promote the importance of postnatal rest and bonding time for mothers and newborns.

Ingrid Bal/ Charan Kamal Kaur, yoga teacher, postnatal doula and communication manager in corporate business, is the project manager for the Postnatal Support Network international charity.

More information about The Postnatal Support Network.

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