Gurudass Kaur Khalsa was one of the first students of Yogi Bhajan.

She has been teaching Kids for 40 years and has made many mantra albums.

In this interview, she tells us about her Ashram life with Yogi Bhajan, about her experience of teaching kids Yoga, and about her beautiful music

The times we have met her, we have always been amazed about her capacity to share joy and love, to serve, to play. We have asked her what her secret is.

You can find some more information about her on her website.

You will find some of her music here and here.











Olivier Bagnérés begins Kundalini Yoga with Guru Charan Singh in Boston, USA. After he experiences the White Tantra he stops Kundalini Yoga to start practicing Tai Chi intensively.

Back in France, in 1992, Kundalini Yoga comes on his path again when his wife start going to class with this teacher, Karta Singh, who spends the night at their place on Wednesday evenings. Olivier gets along with Karta to whom he is giving some legal advices for the “La Fontaine” project.

In August 1993 Olivier attends the workshop “awakening of the Self” and it changes his life. From that point he starts his life as a yogi, quits his job and gets up every morning at 4.30 to do his daily 2.5 hours Sadhana, without missing a day 7 years long.

At this point he wants to meet Yogi Bhajan as much as possible and travels to USA, Germany, France and India to see him. Yogi Bhajan gives Olivier and his wife the names Atma Kaur and Atma Singh.

Atma Singh is currently marketing the very successful Yogi Tea in France and is often seen handing out Yogi Tea at sports arrangements.

In this episode, Atma Singh is telling us how he met Yogi Bhajan for the first time in Satya Singh’s kitchen in Germany. We also talk with him about the future of Kundalini Yoga, about Sadhana and the importance of discipline in the life of a yogi.