Mukta Kaur Khalsa, PhD is a worldwide trainer and lecturer to healthcare specialists, government officials and yoga communities. She has an interesting background, having been a special representative to the United Nations Office of Drug Control and Crime in Vienna, Austria, and was trained personally by Yogi Bhajan in SuperHealth therapies for 30 years.

SuperHealth is developed by Yogi Bhajan, the approach combines the ancient wisdom of yogic science with the innovations of western sciences. The core technology incorporates Kundalini Yoga, meditation, breathing, nutrition restoration with specific dietary and therapeutic juice formulas, counseling and Science of Humanology (applied psychology from the perspective of Kundalini yoga).

Mukta has had great success, she directed the first yoga-based specialized hospital for substance abuse and mental health which has been rated in the top 10 percent in the United states by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, an arm of the American Medical Association. She has also written two books called Meditations for Addictive Behavior and Healing Addictive Behavior. Mukta also gives personal consultations and as a clinician and healer.

We talked to Mukta about how to recognize that we have an addiction, about unconscious triggers in regards to addictions, what she thinks is the most important for people who want to overcome addictions and a recommended daily Yogic practice.

If you want to know more about Superhealth you can visit her website, check all her trainings and events, and find all her books and articles.







Simran Kaur Khalsa was born a Yogi, as her parents are directors of Kundalini Yoga East in New York City. She often says she is the product of Yogi Bhajan’s 3HO experiment.

She is married to Posture Master GuruPrem Singh, author of ‘Divine Alignment’ & ‘The Heart Rules’. You might have heard her voice many times already during white tantra or yoga class as she is the one singing the tantric har.

Simran Kaur Khalsa has completed many 1000 day meditations/Sadhana’s including Bound Lotus and her motto is: “Practice with a smile!”

In this episode we will talk with her about how it was like growing up in a Yogic family, her teenage rebellion and about divine alignment. She also recommends and explains a daily Yogic practice.

You can find more information on Simran’s and Guruprem’s Youtube channel and on their website.

You can also visite their website divinealignment.com.

More information on Guruprem’s books her.